Meet Diane - Product Specialist & Educator


Product Specialist & Educator  
Instagram #vanitybellediane

I love classic looks with modern motifs.

Why I love being a Bridal Artist: I love seeing everyone feeling beautiful, getting ready for one of the biggest days of their lives!

Best Tip for Improving One’s Style: Figure out what you’re comfortable with! Mess around, play with colors on your lips/eyes, and you will find what works for you! Not sure how to do it? Youtube is a great way to learn, there’s tutorials for everything and anything. All it takes is practice, practice, so don’t give up! Flip through magazines to see current trends in not only makeup but clothes! Find some styles you like then make it your own.

Something that Makes Me Smile. Yoga. I practice every day! I am also a vegan. My absolute worst fear is butterflies, strange I know. I’m not quite sure what the correct pronunciation of my last name is, I’ve been told different from everyone in my family. I am fluent in Romanian.