December Artist of the Month: Dannielle

Stylist and SD Boutique Manager

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Danni, Mom, baby, Bean-elle, depends on the person talking to me.

Your hype song?
OMG!!!! Like every song that comes on is pretty much my JAM! I LOVE music and I LOVE my music loud!!

When you aren’t working what are you doing?
Crafting or making DIY's, going on adventures, taking the scenic route, motorcycle riding, eating fro-yo or CREAM, boxing, researching new ways to use my essential oils. I’m a busy body, so, I am constantly on the go. So, sitting and watching a movie or show will literally make me fall asleep. 

What was the last text you sent to your best friend?
The last one is probably not even note worthy it most likely went something like oh awesome, or on my way or something boring (we talk a lot)…the good kind go something more like “good morning to my favorite hooker” with some kissy faces or something along those lines haha. We get each other because we’re both the red headed step child  (and sister in laws too, I am married to her step brother)

What is your life motto?
Trust God, be brave, push through your fears, and live your greatest potential. Never stop growing and learning are what come to mind when I think about life, about my life.

Are you an innie or an outie?
In-betweenie haha 

Have you ever broken a mirror? How?
Not that I can remember, thankfully! Knock on wood.. Well, actually I broke the handle to my mirror. Does that count?

Have you ever cut your own hair?
Oh yes…many times! The first time I remember doing it I was probably about 10 and didn’t really understand how curly, wet hair works and whacked my bangs real nice and short. I was a little in shock once they dried and thought that’s not what i meant to do.

What Disney princess are you? Why?
I have always felt a strong connection to Cinderella, but honestly I was never a Disney person as a kid. I didn’t really start loving anything cartoon or animated until i was an adult.

Why Vanity Belle?
I love my bosses and how personable and open they are…even when i TRIED (key word…tried) to quit once I had told them everything that had been going on in my personal life and feeling i couldn’t quite find balance and trying to find it i tried quitting Vanity Belle. Obviously, I didn’t quit, Victoria wouldn’t let me haha (Thankfully! I LOVE YOU Victoria!!!) but she was there for me fighting for me, that says so much, to me. The value you feel as an employee, the worth and gratitude that you feel, you cant get at any ol place. I love the girls I work with and how inspiring and talented they are, I love hair, I love weddings, the whole atmosphere…so it all just makes sense. I have been with the company since the beginning of the San Diego location. And when I say beginning, I mean before the the cutest little boutique that we call home was found, I would have to drive to OC, that kind of beginning haha. I was originally hired just for the wedding aspect which was a dream come true but thought how awesome it would be in the future if I could eventually be the one that they wanted for cuts and colors as well…because then it would be the ultimate dream. RIGHT? Right!  All of my passions rolled into one place, because, you see I had been splitting my time between two different salons. I still had that other need of mine, that passion, which was to be doing cuts and colors. That perfect opportunity at just the right time finally presented itself and I am now working the one job fulfilling my love of weddings and my love for cuts and colors. So, I think I would say Why not Vanity Belle!?!? Would you say no to your dream job?