January Artist of the Month: Diane

Makeup Artist

Growing up my family always called me Dandoonay. I honestly have no idea where it came from or what it means! I’ve asked plenty of times but no one has ever given me an answer, so mysterious. Fortunately none of my friends call me this.. They call me D, Di, or my favorite, Princess Di.

Best advice from a client?
It wasn’t exactly advice but a client guided me on how she liked her makeup done. She only wanted to enhance, not change. This is kind of my motto when doing someone’s makeup. I found what work’s best for everyone is enhancing what they already have.

When you aren’t working what are you doing?
I always try and get out of the house to do something (thank goodness for my Prius, I’m always driving!). But I definitely travel a lot. I love planning vacations even if it’s just a one night turn around trip. Growing up my family always took spontaneous trips, plus I have family all over the world so I was always going somewhere. I get antsy if I’m home for too long now! When I am home, I love binge watching shows or movies in my pajamas.


What was the last text you sent to your best friend?
Oh gosh. So my best friend who lives in Mississippi is actually staying with me for ten days right now with her 5 month old son, who is also my godson. Another one of my best friends was asking what we were up to so I told her how I put X Files on and he kept staring at the screen smiling at it! The last text I sent out was (referring to what his mom told me) “Diane, it’s all your fault for putting this on!”

What is your go to style? At work? Going out?
I like to keep my style timeless and clean. At work I always rock a more natural and comfortable look from my makeup to my clothes. When I go out I’ll spice things up by wearing leather or a dress with a bold lip. Oh and definitely fun boots! All the females in my family have a crazy shoe obsession. My boyfriend thinks we’re nuts!

Don’t stress. It’s hilarious because when it comes to something that didn’t go right for me, I immediately stress. Growing up if things weren’t done the way I liked, I stressed. I’ve learned to keep reminding myself everything will be fine and if there’s a problem, there’s a solution. So really there’s no reason to get so worked up over anything! My friend’s have actually referred to me as the human Xanax cause I’m so calm and positive when there’s a high stress situation happening.


Have you ever cut your own hair?
Me trying to cut this mane of hair? Absolutely not! There’s so much of it I wouldn’t know where to start.

What Disney princess are you? Why?
I’d have to say I relate to Jasmine the most. Not at work of course, but around my friends and family I can be on the sassy side. I feel like I’m free spirited, always looking for an adventure! I’ve always been such an independent female, I never accepted any help and learned new things because of my curiosity. Growing up I was even so picky with relationships.. I never gave anyone a chance until I saw a true potential of love. My first relationship is the one I’m currently in, hitting five years in March!

If you were boss for the day what would you do?
If I was boss for the day I’d take my girls for a well deserved night out! 

Why Vanity Belle?
Easy, we’re the best! From our bosses to coworkers, we’ve always been a family. Like family we’re always there for each other if it’s needed. I’ve never felt any judgement, only positive energy. Plus between loving everyone there and loving what I do, I can hardly call it work!