March Artist of the Month: Sam A.

Samantha Alcudia

Position at Vanity Belle: Bridal hair and makeup artist, lash extension technician, beauty bar artist, educator and BELLE OF THE YEARRRRRR!!!!!!

Apparently its “Sam Y.” haha (Yujuico is my maiden name)

Best advice from a client?
I was working a beauty bar service and a client told me the story of how she fell in love with her wife and one thing she asked herself at the time was “Why not choose happiness?” That really resonated with me and I try to remember everyday to choose happiness.

Your hype song?
As of now its 24K by Bruno Mars, if that doesn’t hype you up then you cray girl.

When you aren’t working what are you doing?
I’m most likely sleeping HA! But most of the time I’ll be in Arizona spending time with my wonderful husband.

What was the last text you sent to your best friend?
The last text I sent was to my husband of a new Cafe I wanted to try because quite frankly I cannot say no to food.

What is your go to style? At work? Going out?
I love comfort! At the boutique you’ll find me dressing up basic jeans and V-necks with cute boots or booties. At weddings I’m usually in dark colors, VB apron, and comfy shoes [super important!]. When I go out I like to wear a cute blouse and pair it with some cute jeans and boots.

What is your life motto?
YOLO lol, jk. I would definitely say it is a variation of that. We are never promised tomorrow; so ask cheesy as it sounds, I’d say, live for today. Forgive others, tell your loved ones how you feel…and most importantly, don’t eat yellow snow.

Are you an innie or an outie?

Have you ever broken a mirror? How?
Yes, I’ve actually broken 2! One I dropped and the other got cracked in my makeup kit. There was probably one more smaller ones I’ve broken. yikes.

Have you ever cut your own hair?
OF COURSE! I took a razor to it in high school and chopped up the back of my hair. I looked like I had a mullet but I SWORE I was cute haha.

Have you ever held an exotic animal? What?
I’ve held a huge snake before. Personally I find holding an infant child more terrifying lol. They’re so fragile!

What Disney princess are you?
Why? Almost everyone on the team knows I love Disney! In fact, working the Disney weddings are my most favorite! I would say the newest princess that came out, Moana. And that’s not just because her long-wavy hair and tan skin are to die for. LOL. I see in a lot of these princess that there is a family member who fuels their journey. There’s a point in the movie where she gives up and feels completely defeated, but then gets herself together and keeps going. I find that most relatable to myself.

If you were boss for the day what would you do?
If I was boss for a day I’d take my entire team on a shopping spree to Naimie’s!!!!!!!

Why Vanity Belle?
Great question, I have never worked with a group of women that I admire more than these gals. I find that everyone cares so much for each other and everyone continues to have passion for their craft. They inspire me to improve my art as well as become a better person. I love them!