November Artist of the Month: Samantha Pack

Who is Samantha Pack?  

Vanity Belle Samantha Pack Sammie P

At home and around family I go by Smooch a childhood nickname; at work and with friends’ people I have inherited the name Sammie

Best advice from a client:
Interesting question, because often I have found that I am the one giving advice and  tips on inside beauty secrets. Honestly the only thing that comes to mind, and I say this with hesitation is: Don’t ever have a wedding. I’m sure it’s out of frustration which is easy to understand but it’s honestly the same advice I have heard multiples time that I can say stands out.

Your Hype Song:
Driving in to work as of late it’s been Toto- Africa….so classic! Or anything else 80’s. At work anthem: I typically don’t get a choice because I’m listening to the bridal parties IPod with Bruno Mars- I think I’m gonna marry you on repeat. If I had the choice, it would be Deadmau5 ft. Gerard Way- Professional Grievers… all time hype me up for anything, any situation song.


Photo: Sammie (left) and Vanity Belle owner, Victoria (right)

When you aren’t working what are you doing?
I wish I had a cooler answer, but I am usually lounging in sweats, drawing, or taking a nap….usually in complete silence!

What was the last text your best friend sent you?
Oh boy! Well this would be from a group text with two of my best friends, we call ourselves “Tres Chicas” and it can get a bit wild. It was from one of the other chicas and it read: “I wanna slap you silly and gossip over a bottle of wine tonight and pee my pants from laughter.” Not weird at all.


Photo: Vanity Belle Artists (from left to right): Diane, Sammie and Raven

What is your go to style? At work? Going out?
Work: Cute comfort! Long hours mean you’ll usually catch me in one of my many pairs of sneakers- Vans, converse for the most part, but wait then I wear some Nikes and Pumas often too, a pair of skinny jeans with holes in them because I feel too classy if they don’t have at any rips, and some sort of plain jane tee slightly tucked in with lots of dainty Bracelets, rings and a small dainty necklace. Heck this is what I wear all the time, except if I go out I might throw on a pair of booties, small chunky wedge and a little flirtier top. Overall I like to keep my style very casual, effortless, and a nice chic grunge. Dark lips usually a must.

What is your life motto?
I've been saying it for about a decade, Give a little, Get a Little, it really works for every situation.

Are you an innie or an outtie?
All in

Have you ever broken a mirror? How?
Knock on wood, no I have not thankfully. I’m kind of highly superstitious.

Have you ever cut your own hair?
Almost all the time! I don’t like fresh cut hair, and perfect lines. Plus being a hair dresser myself I have grown quite picky. Therefore, when I cut it myself it is never perfect, nor do I care, as long as it looks good from the front, I’m golden.

Have you ever held an exotic animal? What?
Does a snake count? I used to have a pet snake, his name was Al. He was an Albino King Cobra; yellow and white with red eyes. I used to play with him all the time until one day I was holding him and he pooped on my arm. That was the end of our friendship.

What Disney Princess are you? Why?
I would have to go with Pocahontas. That wasn’t my most favorite Disney movie, but I must say we are a lot alike. I consider myself to be passionate, a lover of nature and being outdoors enjoying the peace it brings. I’m a hard worker, love spending time with others, but mostly I love my alone time. I believe everything has a spirit and feelings, especially in nature, and that being in the presence of such things can give you peace and answers. I try to see the good in others, and believe in Love but not being defined by the one you are with, but bring a different side out to who they are and the relationship. Most importantly, family is EVERYTHING to me, mean EVERYTHING. I would do anything or go anywhere to make sure the ones that I love are safe and happy. Plus, years ago Buzzfeed said I was most like her and I thought it was a sign that she was truly my inner Disney spirit.


If you were boss for the day, what would you do?
I would most definitely say that everyone is allowed to wear their pajamas to work for the day, as long as they are tasteful. Oh and for sure Pizza would be served for lunch!

Why Vanity Belle?
Vanity Belle took me on before they were who they are today. Just a small group of girls, working out of an in home studio, working on their goals as an artist. Vanity Belle always believed in me, pushed me to be where I am today, and gave me the overwhelming amount of knowledge to be the great artist that I see myself as today. Not just a business, but more a family. A group so strong, that nothing but your best interests are always on others minds. A place where you can be built up, not broken down. Just knowing that a company and its team has your back is such an amazing feeling. Which is why Vanity Belle can now proudly say they are at multiple locations, and one of the top leading beauty groups in Orange County. The warmness, and comfort you can find in the artists and owners there, is like no other place. So to any person out there looking to feel confident and beautiful, then I would say Vanity Belle, and why? Because they will make you feel so comfortable, and will not finish until you feel your absolute best.