6 Reasons Why a Bridal Trial is Absolutely Necessary

1.     You don’t have to worry about what your hair and makeup will look like on your wedding.  

We know how stressful your wedding day can be, and why add anymore worries to your list? You can sit back, relax, feeling confident and enjoy one of the most important days in your life.



2.     Your hair/makeup artists won’t be strangers to you.

By the time your wedding date rolls around, you should have a good solid rapport with your artist(s). You’ll be spending several hours together, in a very intimate setting, its nice to see a friendly face arrive and feel comfortable around her.


3.     Your artist will know your hair & face.

You can find comfort in knowing that your artist is familiar with how your hair/face will respond to certain products. We don’t need any stressful surprises on your big day – like an allergic reaction, hair falling flat, etc.



4.     You’ll know what accessories you need.

Once you have determined your finalized look, you’ll be able to talk with the stylist about the best hair accessory that will compliment your hairstyle. You can either bring some with you to try, or try some on at the boutique.


5.     You’ll know if you will need extra time.

After the trial is complete, the artist/stylist will know how much time it will take on your wedding day. If you have really long, thick hair, we may need more time to set the curls. Or, if your look will require hair extensions, we’ll know if we need extra time to clip them in.


6.     Because they are FUN!

Some brides will bring a friend or two to hang out and drink champagne with, or others will do a trial with a friend or mom. Who doesn’t want a girly, beauty day with their friends!