Meet Haydee - Lash Tech, Color/Cut Stylist


OC Freelance Hair, Makeup and Lash Artist
Instagram #vanitybellehaydee

Do it with passion or not at all.

Why I love being a Bridal Artist: I love the versatility of the beauty industry. Not everyone has the chance to go into work and do different things every day. Not every client is the same, not every service is the same. I love being able to explore new aspects of my career. There’s always new things to explore in the field. I love being able to keep learning and keep growing as a beautician. It keeps me interested and passionate about my job when it isn’t me doing the same thing everyday. I have fun meeting new people and taking their vision and being a part of their transformation wether it is a simple change or a drastic change it’s nice to make someone feel good about themselves.

Best Tip for Improving One’s Style: Always have one day of the week to self indulge! You don’t even have to go anywhere to do it just have a day at home to treat your hair with that treatment your hairstylist recommended you try, apply at home sheet masks, exfoliate, paint your nails . Keep yourself put together, because when you look good you feel good!

Something That Makes Me Smile: I am definitely that person a friend can call to go on a spontaneous adventure with!! I love hikes I love nature ! The beach is my happy place! Anytime I want to unwind I definitely seek nature! But what will never fail to make me smile are dogs.