Belle Bios

Meet Dannielle - La Jolla Boutique Manager


Boutique Manager – La Jolla
Bridal Hair Stylist & Color Specialist
Instagram #vanitybelledannielle

I love vintage, timeless and a little funk to stir things up.

Why I love being a Bridal Artist: Being able to be creative and using that ability to help bring out the beauty in others, whether it’s some classic curls or neatly manicured updo and everything in between. I love giving and nurturing and working with my clients gives me the ability to do all of that and at the end of it all seeing their faces light up when they get to see their complete look…that is what I LOVE!

Best Tip For Improving One’s Style: Be you, if it feels good and right go with it! Be bold experiment and try new things…you are never too old to try something new. Also maintain your ends…best way to grow long luscious locks ESPECIALLY if you love those hot tools!

Something That Makes Me Smile: My family, the outdoors, flowers, yoga, baking, Frozen yogurt (although I am not supposed to have dairy) fruits and veggies, anything creative really, singing loudly in the car…and lastly Washington State…it’s my home state and nothing beats its vibrant beauty.

Meet Haydee - Lash Tech, Color/Cut Stylist


OC Freelance Hair, Makeup and Lash Artist
Instagram #vanitybellehaydee

Do it with passion or not at all.

Why I love being a Bridal Artist: I love the versatility of the beauty industry. Not everyone has the chance to go into work and do different things every day. Not every client is the same, not every service is the same. I love being able to explore new aspects of my career. There’s always new things to explore in the field. I love being able to keep learning and keep growing as a beautician. It keeps me interested and passionate about my job when it isn’t me doing the same thing everyday. I have fun meeting new people and taking their vision and being a part of their transformation wether it is a simple change or a drastic change it’s nice to make someone feel good about themselves.

Best Tip for Improving One’s Style: Always have one day of the week to self indulge! You don’t even have to go anywhere to do it just have a day at home to treat your hair with that treatment your hairstylist recommended you try, apply at home sheet masks, exfoliate, paint your nails . Keep yourself put together, because when you look good you feel good!

Something That Makes Me Smile: I am definitely that person a friend can call to go on a spontaneous adventure with!! I love hikes I love nature ! The beach is my happy place! Anytime I want to unwind I definitely seek nature! But what will never fail to make me smile are dogs.

Meet Amanda - Costa Mesa Boutique Manager


OC Boutique Manager

Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful, confidence!

Favorite Part of Your Job: I am in love with ensuring people feel beautiful and comfortable on the big day & everyday. Bringing out ones self confidence is one of the most rewarding things about this industry, not to mention it never feels like work it’s a passion! Love yourself. Love what you do.

Best Tip for Improving One’s Style: Get ready everyday for yourself. All you need is a good coat of mascara, face moisturizer, and a pretty lip color! Find one feature you love most about yourself!

Something that Makes Me Smile. I LOVE the satisfaction of making a long ToDo List and crossing each task OFF! You could say I’m a GOAL DIGGER!

Meet Jessica - Director of Beauty & Brand Engagement


Bridal Communications & Social Media

If it makes you feel beautiful, then do it

Favorite part of my job: The people. I am truly passionate about people, creating memorable experiences and making someone’s dreams become a reality. I believe that the art to making lasting impressions and truly inspiring someone’s senses, always requires an authentic approach. Makeup and hair styles are Art, but Beauty is Spirit.

Best Tip for Improving One’s Style: Confidence. It accents any style, and better yet, it will never go out of fashion. Always flaunt your assets, own your look, be bold, and smile often.

Something that Makes Me Smile: I feel truly blessed for all the relationships, opportunities and adventures that I have had in my life. My incredible family and friends bring so much joy to my life and a smile to my face everyday. Raising a little boy to be a gentleman, live music, good food, singing, dancing, traveling, yoga, running, the Fall season, everything New England (home state is CT), and the color turquoise are all things that bring a smile to my soul.

Meet "Boss Belle" Victoria Niño

Founder/CEO & Certified Makeup Artist
Instagram #vanitybellevictoria


The secret to happy clients is quite simple —       do the best you possibly can and be nice to everyone. A true artist is dedicated to the art form. This dedication comes from a deeply personal place. The desire to create and uncover beauty is not something you can easily teach others. You are born with it. It comes from within.

Favorite Part of Your Job: The transformation. At my core, I am an artist and each beautiful woman I work with is a like a fresh canvas. I treat my clients with the seriousness and dedication of a painter finishing their masterpiece. There are few moments as thrilling as the first few seconds after a client looks in the mirror and gets a glimpse at her new self. It brings me so much joy. Every woman should get to experience that feeling.

Secret Weapon: My brushes, I don’t leave home without them! Whether it’s painting a canvas, a face or a body, my brushes are what make the magic. Some might say, I am a little obsessed with blending. My artists always laugh when I say “just when you think you are done blending, blend some more!” Blending makes things look so smooth and natural.

Breaking the Ice: I love meeting new people and hearing their stories — it gives you a new perspective on your own life. I used to keep a journal of all the random quotes I would get from complete strangers. I still look back on it and read them from time to time. There is always something to learn from someone else, even years later when you’ve grown enough to understand their perspective.

Something You Might Not Know About Me: I love an elaborate party — especially one with a great theme. I’ll be throwing theme parties and dressing in costumes until I’m old and gray. Life is supposed to be fun!