Every woman should do a boudoir photo shoot at least once. Rawr.

boudoir photo shoot lingerie

You might recognize this blue-eyed beauty. That's Kaity, our Manager/Hair Stylist. No, she is not a professional model.

I repeat. She is not a professional model. She is a hair stylist. 

And, guess what? 99% of our boudoir clients aren't models either. 

boudoir photo shoot
boudoir photo shoot

She looks like a natural in front of the camera, huh? 

Of course she does! After having your hair & makeup done by the pros, a fresh spray tan, some pretty lingerie, and being posed by an amazing photographer like Chloe Atnip, you can too! Chloe actually used to be a model herself. She helped Kaity get into this beautiful pose below.

HELLO Victoria's Secret!

boudoir photo outfit

Or what about this one?

I mean...

boudoir photo shoot
boudoir photo shoot makeup

Kaity's lingerie game was on point. She had just scored big at her bachelorette party. She took these photos as a gift for her new husband.

How stoked is he?

Best. Wedding. Gift. Ever. 

bridal boudoir photo shoot

Some women don't have a suitcase full of lingerie, and use something symbolic of their loved one, or even just a simple white sheet or old jersey can be sexy. Another idea is to use fresh flowers.

We are loving the peonies Kaity used to frame her face, it really brings out her eyes.

boudoir photo shoot

And, ahem, her makeup done by our fabulous makeup artist, Diane. 

boudoir natural makeup

Every woman should do a boudoir photo shoot at least once. You will never feel more beautiful. More sexy. More confident. More brave. More empowered. It's an invigorating feeling that you deserve to experience at least once, or twice, or a dozen times. The photos don't have to be for anyone but yourself. 

Look at that confidence. Get it Kaity!

natural boudoir hair and makeup

It's important to find a photographer that specializing in boudoir. You need someone who will guide you, make you feel comfortable and help you build your confidence. Typically, in your initial photos, you will capture moments of vulnerability and softness and as you keep shooting and build confidence, your photos will evolve into something truly amazing.  

Make sure to communicate with your photographer what you love most about your body, or what your partner finds most attractive about you. And keep in mind - there is just as much sexy in what you don't see. A simple hand, lightly touching the face can be incredibly sexy on it's own. 

boudoir photo pose

We will help you prepare and make you feel like the goddess that you are. We'll glam you up and pump you up!  

You are not too overweight.

You are not too old.

You are not too shy. 

You are beautiful. Embrace your vanity!

And don't forget, we're here for you every step of the way (with a glass of champagne). 

Hair & Makeup - Vanity Belle
Photography - Chloe Atnip