Belles as Brides

Wedding Wednesday: Kaity's Bridal Glow in Cabo

Belles as Brides

"Remember why you are getting married. At the end of the day, you have your spouse. The time will pass and people will never remember the small details BUT they will remember the love they saw that day!"


Blake had one mission.... make it be a surprise! If you know me, then you know I can crack any surprise just by looking at someone. I was sick, so you could say I was a little off my game. We had planned on going to visit my family in Bend, Oregon for Easter. It was a cold rainy Easter Sunday, and we had just finished our Easter egg hunts and brunch at Brasada Ranch. With a beautiful view on a hill, he asked to take a picture with me. As I turned around he was down on one knee, rosy nose and all. I cried, he laughed and not many words other than "YES" were said after that! We gathered with our family who were ALL in on it the whole time!

What was your wedding style? The dress, the glam, the location?

Cabo San Lucas ba-by!!! We wanted a simple, easy and p-a-r-t-y! We couldn’t imagine our day any other way, but to be intimate and small with about 55 of our closest loved ones. My dress was very beachy and Spanish influenced, from BHLDN. The location was anything short of a dream. The perfect sand, ocean and a sky almost as good looking as my Husband!

What inspired you when you were planning your big day?

Truthfully, I started on Pinterest like any Bride does dreaming of her wedding. But after many disappointing "sticker shock" moments I decided to just use my hopeless romantic brain and dream about the perfect wedding for US! Plus, the colors rose gold/copper had a lot to do with it.

What was it like to be a Vanity Belle stylist as a bride?

I LOVE seeing and hearing how creative Brides are! It is so great to bounce off ideas with other women and see their dream and vision come to life. I also love sharing little tips that I learned prepping for the big day!

What was your favorite (or most surreal) moment of the day?

I had so many amazing moments on our wedding day! But, my most favorite one of all was one that I didn’t even expect.  While everyone was eating, we also took a moment to eat, or should I say shovel in our food (Brides, am I right?) I remember looking over at Blake, who was now my Husband (what!!!) and looking out at our Guests. Each person, all from different families, parts of our lives, and even friends who had never even met. However, in that moment, together, everyone was getting along and shared love for each-other. They had one thing in common, us! This moment was everything. We both took it in, feeling extremely loved and blessed. All of our favorite people in one place, all for us!

Did you cry?

Oh my goodness, did I ever stop? But can we talk about him! Ha-ha-ha P.S shout out to my girl Natalie, that full face of make up was A WARRIOR through those tears!

What song did you have for your first dance?

"Better Today" by Coffey Anderson

Where did you honeymoon?

We continued our destination wedding in Cabo for another week after our wedding! #Familymoon!

What advice do you have for other brides?

Remember why you are getting married. At the end of the day, you have your spouse. The time will pass and people will never remember the small details BUT they will remember the love they saw that day!

How did being a bride impact your job as a bridal stylist? 

I am more compassionate and understanding! I now understand all the decisions that have to be made that can add to tons of stress. I am a great ear for listening and professional problem solver!

Wedding Photography : Jim Kennedy Photography | Venue, Caterer & Hotel: Hacienda Cocina y Cantina | Wedding Planner: Momentos Los Cabos | Brides Attire Designer : BHLDN | 

Wedding/ bridal hair and makeup by Vanity Belle Orange County (Costa Mesa) in Los Cabo Mexico

Our beautiful blue eyed Belle Bride!

Bridal blonde hair style for beach wedding by Vanity Belle, Orange County (Costa Mesa) in Los Cabo Mexico.
Blonde bridal hair styles by Vanity Belle, Orange County (Costa Mesa) in Los Cabo Mexico
Blonde half updo wedding/bridal hair and makeup by Vanity Belle Orange County (Costa Mesa) in Los Cabo Mexico
Makeup and hair for wedding day. Bridal hair and makeup style by Vanity Belle in Orange County, CA (Costa Mesa). Destination beach wedding natural makeup looks. Ceremony in Los Cabo Mexico.
Bridal beauty long blonde hair styles. Hair style by Vanity Belle Orange County, CA (Costa Mesa). Wedding in Los Cabo Mexico.
Wedding bridal hair and makeup styles by Vanity Belle Orange County, CA (Costa Mesa). Wedding ceremony in Los Cabo Mexico.

Congratulations Kaity & Blake! 

Bridal makeup and hair styles by Vanity Belle in Orange County, CA (Costa Mesa). Absolutely beautiful wedding looks. Destination wedding in Los Cabo Mexico.
Beach wedding hair and makeup for destination wedding. Bridal style by Vanity Belle in Orange County (Costa Mesa).

Wedding Wednesday: Unveil Your Inner Sexy Side

Nothing is more sexy than confidence! If scheduling a Boudoir photo session has been on your mind, then stop thinking about it.  Life is to short, do the photo-shoot! Whether you are a Bride-to-be or not, do it for yourself. Because sometimes the best moments in your life are the ones you can't tell anyone about. Show them instead, and let their imagination tell the story.  

When you are ready to unveil your inner sexy, make sure to start by booking your dream team. Glam Team + Photographer = Sexy Success. Even the best hair and makeup professionals need help to pull off the perfect boudoir, and that's why we use Chloe, boudoir camera master. The proof is in the pictures and we hope you enjoy!

This time, one of our very own OC Belle's, Joanna, got behind the camera. She's getting married this month, and is surprising her hub-to-be (shhh!!!) with the BEST gift EVER. Naturally, being a hair stylist, she had the luxury of being able to style her own hair and with the help of our fabulous makeup artist, Diane, she was camera ready! 

Loving yourself isn’t Vanity it is Sanity. -Andre Gide

"I was nervous at first, but Chloe made me feel very, very comfortable. It was an amazing experience and I just kept thinking my fiance is going to LOVE this!"  -Joanna

It's important to have fun, be playful and relax during your photo session. The more natural and calm you feel, the easier it will be to let your sexy side reveal itself.  So let your hair down, roll around and even laugh a little.

Bring lots of outfits to create variety with your images. When preparing for your photo shoot, make sure to spend time trying on and testing outfits, says HUFFPOST in their article '10 Tips To Prepare You For Your Boudoir Session.'

Not only is it important to find outfits that make you feel sexy, but that your style also compliments your beautiful features. We love how this blue lace bra makes her blue eyes POP!

Because sometimes noting looks sexier than a woman wearing only a mens dress shirt.... I'd say Joanna's inner sexy has officially been unveiled!

Photographer : Chloe Atnip Photography

Belles as Brides: Sam's Everlasting Elope

Every wedding story is unique and wonderful. And while your story will always be your favorite, who doesn't love to hear another brides experiences. From the proposal, to all the planning & prepping, and even the emotional moments. We thought it would be fun to have our Belle Brides share their love stories with all of you! 

Everlasting Elope
    ~Sam Alcudia, Vanity Belle Hair & Makeup Artist

My husband and I had been best friends for several years. He came home from serving in Korea and took me out on our first "official" date. He surprised me by taking me to the house he lived in when we were younger, the house we had our first kiss in so long ago. He changed into his uniform and asked me to be his girlfriend then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. First date - going steady - and engaged to be married. Not a bad night!  Haha 

What was your wedding style? The dress, the glam, the location?
Our wedding didn't have a theme really since we eloped. I did my own hair and makeup and we got hitched in Vegas! My dress was simple. It was one shoulder and fitted empire waist made of lace. It went straight to the floor and had a slit on the side. I didn't want anything too crazy since it was such a small wedding. 

What inspired you when you were planning your big day?
Saving money. I honestly just wanted to not worry about details and have fun!

What was it like to be a Vanity Belle stylist as a bride?
I think it's made me truly understand how stressful weddings can be on their side of it. It made me want to focus more on my future with my husband than little details.

What was your favorite (or most surreal) moment of the day?
I would say my most surreal moment was on the way to the chapel. My mother in law didn't allow us to ride together so the anxiety I had was really intense! He's my safety blanket haha. I think the anticipation to see him was what was most surreal. It's like how it is in the movies when people say they're getting "cold feet" - well, mine get frozen lol. 

Did you cry?
I thought I would but I think the attention made me more nervous than anything! So I  didn't cry haha

What song did you have for your first dance?
We didn't have a first dance because we didn't have a reception.

Where did you honeymoon?
We held off on a honeymoon and I took time off to be with him for a couple of weeks. Our first home will be our honeymoon  we definitely plan to travel together more in the future!

What advise do you have for other brides?
I always say that the goal is to be married and to start your lives together. Don't lose sight of how important that is! And don't forget to be present and take the day in. It goes by so fast, make sure you make time to look into your partners eyes, hold hands, eat your cake and just be together with all your loved ones! 

How did being a bride impact your job as a bridal stylist? 
I'd say I'm careful not to tell my brides that I eloped. Sometimes they express how stressed out they are planning their wedding and I don't want to give them any ideas to forget everything & elope! Lol and I certainly don't want them to feel badly that my experience was less costly and less stressful. So I try and keep my experience to myself. 


Every woman should do a boudoir photo shoot at least once. Rawr.


You might recognize this blue-eyed beauty. That's Kaity, our Manager/Hair Stylist. No, she is not a professional model.

I repeat. She is not a professional model. She is a hair stylist. 

And, guess what? 99% of our boudoir clients aren't models either. 


She looks like a natural in front of the camera, huh? 

Of course she does! After having your hair & makeup done by the pros, a fresh spray tan, some pretty lingerie, and being posed by an amazing photographer like Chloe Atnip, you can too! Chloe actually used to be a model herself. She helped Kaity get into this beautiful pose below.

HELLO Victoria's Secret!


Or what about this one?

I mean...


Kaity's lingerie game was on point. She had just scored big at her bachelorette party. She took these photos as a gift for her new husband.

How stoked is he?

Best. Wedding. Gift. Ever. 


Some women don't have a suitcase full of lingerie, and use something symbolic of their loved one, or even just a simple white sheet or old jersey can be sexy. Another idea is to use fresh flowers.

We are loving the peonies Kaity used to frame her face, it really brings out her eyes.


And, ahem, her makeup done by our fabulous makeup artist, Diane. 


Every woman should do a boudoir photo shoot at least once. You will never feel more beautiful. More sexy. More confident. More brave. More empowered. It's an invigorating feeling that you deserve to experience at least once, or twice, or a dozen times. The photos don't have to be for anyone but yourself. 

Look at that confidence. Get it Kaity!


It's important to find a photographer that specializing in boudoir. You need someone who will guide you, make you feel comfortable and help you build your confidence. Typically, in your initial photos, you will capture moments of vulnerability and softness and as you keep shooting and build confidence, your photos will evolve into something truly amazing.  

Make sure to communicate with your photographer what you love most about your body, or what your partner finds most attractive about you. And keep in mind - there is just as much sexy in what you don't see. A simple hand, lightly touching the face can be incredibly sexy on it's own. 


We will help you prepare and make you feel like the goddess that you are. We'll glam you up and pump you up!  

You are not too overweight.

You are not too old.

You are not too shy. 

You are beautiful. Embrace your vanity!

And don't forget, we're here for you every step of the way (with a glass of champagne). 

Hair & Makeup - Vanity Belle
Photography - Chloe Atnip

The Heart and Soul That Opened the Blue Doors


Like all passions in life, Vanity Belle was first born out of love.

It was my wedding day in beautiful Cabo San Lucas, Mexico after four years of courtship, I was finally marrying the love of my life – my wonderful husband Jonathan (AKA "Boss Bae").

There were so many details in planning our wedding – early on, we knew we wanted to create an eloquent event that reflected our own style and commitment to each other. We had so many different vendors to decide on, and met so many amazing and talented folks along the way, but when it came time to finding a makeup and hair team for my bridal party entourage (me, 7 bridesmaids and my mom) I had the hardest time finding someone who not only could I connect with, but who could also accommodate all of us.

Maybe I’m old fashioned, but rapport and relationship are very important to me. A woman’s wedding day is a beautiful experience and naturally I was selective about the people I wanted to hire to share this intimate experience with. After all, we’d be spending the entire day together!

Eventually…I decided to just do it myself. Sure it was a bit chaotic, and people thought I was crazy, but this experience made me realize how there was a real need for this type of thing, a beauty team that specializes in artistry with an extra special human touch. When I told my husband Jonathan about my idea for creating a business around this theory he responded with unconditional support and encouragement, that still remains today. He believed in my vision of creating an experience built on comfort while delivering an exceptional level of service. Boy was I excited!

And Vanity Belle was born…

We have been blessed to see our business grow extremely fast (thank you Yelp and Wedding Wire!) and we now have an awesome team of artists with their own unique talents and strengths. My husband Jonathan is still a big part of making the business thrive, he is the man behind the magic and handles all of the business management, client relations and operational duties. Trust me, clients love him, he’s the sweetest! We now have TWO adorable and intimate boutiques! Costa Mesa has salon services, a blow dry bar and makeup bar, a brow bar, a cozy lash extension bed and even a private bridal suite. Our La Jolla boutique is a bit smaller, but still provides all the same services. It’s located in the heart of La Jolla right across from the water!

We have also been on a mission to be a sustainable business and be able to keep our earth beautiful. We recycle the majority of the salon products we use – foils, color tubes, plastics, papers and chemicals to divert them out of our landfills and water systems. Even the hair we sweep from the floor is re-purposed! We were the first salon in California to join this movement, and we are very proud of that. 

Give us a call, tell us about your wedding, special event, or if you are just looking for a new look, and let us evaluate your individual needs and how to best achieve your desired look, whether it’s clean and natural or exotic and dramatic. We will make sure you are paired with right artist/stylist.

Why should you hire Vanity Belle? Simply put, we set an extremely high standard so our clients never have to worry about quality. We are very selective about the artists/stylist we work with – we look for the rare individual who possesses both artistic talent and understands the culture we are trying to create at Vanity Belle. Our team is dedicated to the belief that hair and makeup is a transformative art form and that authenticity is the ultimate expression of beauty. We also believe that raw talent is just one half of the equation and all of our artists go out of their way to make our clients feel comfortable, relaxed and beautiful.

Vanity Belle is my family’s passion, born of unconditional love and grown over time through nurturing and a closely held commitment to our core values. We are dedicated artists and unconditional supporters throughout your special day. We ALWAYS strive to deliver the best. Trust me – you absolutely deserve it.

So, how can we help you? Let us know! If it is your wedding, a girls night out, or just because you deserve it, we can accommodate you in our boutique or we can bring the magic to you!

Yours Truly,
Victoria Nino – Founder, AKA "Boss Belle"