Belles as Brides: Sam's Everlasting Elope

Every wedding story is unique and wonderful. And while your story will always be your favorite, who doesn't love to hear another brides experiences. From the proposal, to all the planning & prepping, and even the emotional moments. We thought it would be fun to have our Belle Brides share their love stories with all of you! 

Everlasting Elope
    ~Sam Alcudia, Vanity Belle Hair & Makeup Artist

My husband and I had been best friends for several years. He came home from serving in Korea and took me out on our first "official" date. He surprised me by taking me to the house he lived in when we were younger, the house we had our first kiss in so long ago. He changed into his uniform and asked me to be his girlfriend then got down on one knee and asked me to marry him. First date - going steady - and engaged to be married. Not a bad night!  Haha 

What was your wedding style? The dress, the glam, the location?
Our wedding didn't have a theme really since we eloped. I did my own hair and makeup and we got hitched in Vegas! My dress was simple. It was one shoulder and fitted empire waist made of lace. It went straight to the floor and had a slit on the side. I didn't want anything too crazy since it was such a small wedding. 

What inspired you when you were planning your big day?
Saving money. I honestly just wanted to not worry about details and have fun!

What was it like to be a Vanity Belle stylist as a bride?
I think it's made me truly understand how stressful weddings can be on their side of it. It made me want to focus more on my future with my husband than little details.

What was your favorite (or most surreal) moment of the day?
I would say my most surreal moment was on the way to the chapel. My mother in law didn't allow us to ride together so the anxiety I had was really intense! He's my safety blanket haha. I think the anticipation to see him was what was most surreal. It's like how it is in the movies when people say they're getting "cold feet" - well, mine get frozen lol. 

Did you cry?
I thought I would but I think the attention made me more nervous than anything! So I  didn't cry haha

What song did you have for your first dance?
We didn't have a first dance because we didn't have a reception.

Where did you honeymoon?
We held off on a honeymoon and I took time off to be with him for a couple of weeks. Our first home will be our honeymoon  we definitely plan to travel together more in the future!

What advise do you have for other brides?
I always say that the goal is to be married and to start your lives together. Don't lose sight of how important that is! And don't forget to be present and take the day in. It goes by so fast, make sure you make time to look into your partners eyes, hold hands, eat your cake and just be together with all your loved ones! 

How did being a bride impact your job as a bridal stylist? 
I'd say I'm careful not to tell my brides that I eloped. Sometimes they express how stressed out they are planning their wedding and I don't want to give them any ideas to forget everything & elope! Lol and I certainly don't want them to feel badly that my experience was less costly and less stressful. So I try and keep my experience to myself.