What to Know to Get the Glow

Every Brides desires that Bridal Glow on her wedding day. All eyes are on the Bride and who doesn't want that envious look as they walk down the aisle???  Whether you are one year or only one month away from saying "I Do," it's important to implement a skincare regiment that will help get your skin glowing! We've put together our favorite 4 tips so you have the 'know' to get that Bridal 'GLOW!' 

1. Get Pampered:

Preparing for your wedding is a perfect excuse to pencil some facials into your busy schedule. Depending on how soon your wedding is, bi-weekly or monthly facials will help to exfoliate your skin a boost blood circulation. They are also helpful with reducing stress, which can be an added plus to your matrimony madness. 

2. Go on a skin-healthy diet:

It's important to know that it is just as critical to take care of your skin from the outside, as it is to care for it from the inside. Make sure you incorporate foods with lots of rich vitamins and antioxidants. Foods such as grapefruit, carrots, apricots, green vegetables and tomatoes are all very good for your skin. Also, drink lots of water, fresh fruit juice or coconut water and watch the extra hydration transform your skin. Try to avoid junk food, foods high in sodium, caffeine and alcohol. 

3. Skin-loving Supplements:

There are lots of benefits to implementing some over the counter supplements in your pre-wedding diet.  The most common are Biotin (has positive effects to strengthen your hair, skin and nails), Omega-3 fatty acids & Vitamin D (helps to regulate hormones, great for your heart, eyes, brain & skin), B vitamins ( can boost energy and metabolism) and Melatonin (will help you get your pre-wedding rest). 

4. Beauty Sleep:

All the skin regiments, supplements and nutritious foods won't help if you aren't getting enough sleep. Your skin is your largest organ and it needs regular rest to stay healthy. Eight hours is ideal, but you will also need to listen to what your body needs, as it may occasionally need more rest.

Want to see the benefits of a healthy skin regiment? Check out below to see he proof is in the pictures!

Compliments to our artists: Diane (Makeup) and Kat (Hair & Makeup)


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