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What to Know to Get the Glow

Every Brides desires that Bridal Glow on her wedding day. All eyes are on the Bride and who doesn't want that envious look as they walk down the aisle???  Whether you are one year or only one month away from saying "I Do," it's important to implement a skincare regiment that will help get your skin glowing! We've put together our favorite 4 tips so you have the 'know' to get that Bridal 'GLOW!' 

1. Get Pampered:

Preparing for your wedding is a perfect excuse to pencil some facials into your busy schedule. Depending on how soon your wedding is, bi-weekly or monthly facials will help to exfoliate your skin a boost blood circulation. They are also helpful with reducing stress, which can be an added plus to your matrimony madness. 

2. Go on a skin-healthy diet:

It's important to know that it is just as critical to take care of your skin from the outside, as it is to care for it from the inside. Make sure you incorporate foods with lots of rich vitamins and antioxidants. Foods such as grapefruit, carrots, apricots, green vegetables and tomatoes are all very good for your skin. Also, drink lots of water, fresh fruit juice or coconut water and watch the extra hydration transform your skin. Try to avoid junk food, foods high in sodium, caffeine and alcohol. 

3. Skin-loving Supplements:

There are lots of benefits to implementing some over the counter supplements in your pre-wedding diet.  The most common are Biotin (has positive effects to strengthen your hair, skin and nails), Omega-3 fatty acids & Vitamin D (helps to regulate hormones, great for your heart, eyes, brain & skin), B vitamins ( can boost energy and metabolism) and Melatonin (will help you get your pre-wedding rest). 

4. Beauty Sleep:

All the skin regiments, supplements and nutritious foods won't help if you aren't getting enough sleep. Your skin is your largest organ and it needs regular rest to stay healthy. Eight hours is ideal, but you will also need to listen to what your body needs, as it may occasionally need more rest.

Want to see the benefits of a healthy skin regiment? Check out below to see he proof is in the pictures!

Compliments to our artists: Diane (Makeup) and Kat (Hair & Makeup)


To learn about more bridal skincare tips and to create your own checklist, you can visit The Knot and


Wedding Wednesday: Mission Accomplished

Its's often true, that when you marry someone who works in the military, life will never be ordinary. However, as we can see from the beautiful shared moments below, the love between this couple is no "ordinary" love.   

Compliments to our artists: Meghan (Bridal & Bridal Party Hair) | Natalie (Bridal & Bridal Party Makeup)

"He's not just a man in uniform....he is my hero, my best-friend, the love of my life and my Husband." ~anonymous 
POP The champagne ladies..she's changing her last name! How gorgeous are these soft green and floral Bridesmaids robes?  
"The Fresh Faced Look," is a popular trend among 2017 Brides, according to  The Bustle , and  our Bride above was the perfect palette to accentuate this "Fresh" gorgeous look.
What a beautiful Bridal Party! We love how each Bridesmaid wore their hair with a different partial-up style similar to the Bride. 
Let the Wedding "Belles" ring!
Could these to get any cuter! 
Hello Red! According to  Brides , the art of changing into a new dress during your reception is all about the timing, so not to get noticed. Mission accomplished for this Bride!

Wedding Photography : Brian Leah Photography | Venue : Serra Plaza | Event Coordinator : Simply Sweet Weddings | Videographer : Shutter and Sound | Gown Boutique : Martina Liana Bridal Designs | Floral Design : Three Petals Design | Catering : Jays Catering | Music : Vox DJ's &  Sweet Melody Band | Sweets : Final Touch Bakery | Rentals : Illuminated Events & Chiavari Chair Rentals | Hashtag : #jdmissionaccomplished

Live, Love, and Lashes! My Makeover Experience.

Set down your glass of champagne and raise your hand if you would like an instant makeover? .....Um, yes please! Well, in case you missed it, this month we are ALL about makeovers!! We're bringing out all the Belles and Whistles!  

I am excited to share my lash makeover with all of you, tell you a little about what I learned and provide you with some tips on what to expect if you are considering lashes for yourself. 

Like we mentioned in our post, Lash Extensions, the Instant Makeover, lashes are a quick and easy way to add something new to your look, and yet immediately they have a way of making you feel even more beautiful. Whether you are simply tired of your current makeup routine, or if you are a busy woman with limited time in the morning to spend getting ready in front of a mirror, then semi-permanent lashes might be the answer to your prayers. 

Lash Extension

My Before

& After

I was definitely one of those women that I just described, maybe even combination of the two. However, for me, in order to feel ready, I had to at least be wearing mascara. Without it I felt naked, which sounds silly, but I have light brown lashes, shown in the middle photo on the right, so without mascara, to me, my face looks sort of washed out and tired. 

Going into to the experience, I was excited to have eyes that POP and look ready all throughout the day.  Also, to have a quick routine in the morning when getting ready. All I can say is after my first set,  I was instantly hooked! 

The Experience

  • The application process is more enjoyable than expected and even quit relaxing. I have pretty sensitive eyes and thought there might be some discomfort with the tape for the lower lashes, but to my surprise I could hardly notice it was there, especially as I lay cozy under the soft plush blanket. 

  • It's important to keep your eyes closed, as the glue could irritate your eyes if you open them while the technician is applying it to your lashes. Made that mistake. Once I quickly learned my lesson, I have to admit, as a busy working mom living out most days on minimal sleep, I did not mind being told to lay down with my eyes closed for next two hours. 

Post Emotions

  • That first look in the mirror is unforgettable because the results are pretty darn amazing! I used the Le' Hybrid (Naturale/Voluminous) set, which means they are silk, or a "hybrid" between synthetic and mink lashes. I loved this option because they allow the lash technician to combine different sizes across the eye lash, and thus creating a very natural yet voluminous look. 

  • The win-win, I have to share is that not only do lashes cut down the time it takes to get ready in the morning, honestly, you can even ask my husband, but they are also very easy to maintain. At fist they felt a little heavy, but after an hour or so, I could hardly even notice that they were there. Prior to leaving, I received a small mascara wand to be able to brush my lashes throughout the day and especially after showers.  

Make sure to watch my experience below and as you can see, just like the saying "lashes speak louder than words," the results speak for themselves.

I've had my makeover, are you ready for yours?

Beauty Essentials: Eye Cream

This beauty tip is brought to us by our gorgeous Belle, Rachel!


“Use a good eye cream! Whether you’re someone who wears makeup on a regular basis, or only every once in awhile – using a good eye cream will hydrate the area under your eyes. Keeping this area well hydrated will help your eyes to appear brighter and more youthful. In addition to the hydration, a good eye cream can be used as a primer before your concealer, help with fine lines, and puffiness! There’s some great eye creams out there, so do your research! My favorites are Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream and MAC Cosmetics”


Bobbi Brown Hydrating Eye Cream