Meet Jessica - Director of Beauty & Brand Engagement


Bridal Communications & Social Media

If it makes you feel beautiful, then do it

Favorite part of my job: The people. I am truly passionate about people, creating memorable experiences and making someone’s dreams become a reality. I believe that the art to making lasting impressions and truly inspiring someone’s senses, always requires an authentic approach. Makeup and hair styles are Art, but Beauty is Spirit.

Best Tip for Improving One’s Style: Confidence. It accents any style, and better yet, it will never go out of fashion. Always flaunt your assets, own your look, be bold, and smile often.

Something that Makes Me Smile: I feel truly blessed for all the relationships, opportunities and adventures that I have had in my life. My incredible family and friends bring so much joy to my life and a smile to my face everyday. Raising a little boy to be a gentleman, live music, good food, singing, dancing, traveling, yoga, running, the Fall season, everything New England (home state is CT), and the color turquoise are all things that bring a smile to my soul.